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Entitlement Registration

Who in your organization requires access to specific technology platforms? And who among your customers is entitled to specific services behind paywalls?

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AI unlocks the simplest, most cost-effective IT solution your organization yearns for…

Classi™ allows you to designate entitlements to specific roles and specific customers. As new people join your team or as new customers get registered with your company, they can automatically gain authorized access to the appropriate technology platforms and the correct scope of services.

Administering and managing user-specific data adds to your employee’s already busy do-to lists. Mismanaged data drains not only time, mental energy, and morale from your staff, but also exposes your company to serious liabilities. Hire Classi™ to be your team’s virtual support member!

Document Validation

Identity Documents are going out of date 365 days a year. Rather than sending an employee into the clerical trenches to check ID by ID, day in, and day out, why not enlist Classi™ to stay vigilant on validation for you?

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If important expired documents are unknowingly used, given permissions or more, your company can become the unhappy recipient of unfortunate (and expensive!) legal problems that carry weighty consequences. For a task that requires so much consistent, detail-monitoring, AI is the superior and optimal performer. That’s because AI thinks in numbers, can work around the clock, and doesn’t let data errors slip by unnoticed. With a track record of precise engineering results and delivering tons of cost-saving advantages to your company, Classi™ is the new-hire virtual assistance your team has been waiting to welcome on board!

Document Processing

Every organization deals with identity documents – that of their customers and their employees. What happens in between the time that the office receives a set of IDs, forms, and documents, and the correct response is commissioned?

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An error-prone and detailed process is now streamlined and completely headache-free thanks to Classi™’s automated solution. Multi-step manual processes are simplified. Information spread across multi-page documents is consolidated, and every desired piece of data is fetched and organized and packaged for human employees to consume. Try Classi™ for your organization today!

Identity Verification

An unmissable first step: verifying who your customers and employees are! So let the power of AI Document Understanding work for you, as it uses powerful machine learning algorithms to compare each incoming ID document with the standard and verify them as legitimate or fraudulent

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Endowed with the artificially intelligent capability to refer to an ever-expanding secured database of real and faked documents, Classi™ can detect authentic from counterfeit identity documents that come into your company for processing at an exceptional rate of accuracy. Upon recognition, falsified documents are sent to human employees who have the decision-making power on what the next appropriate action is for your organization to take. In other words, use Classi™ to deal with the anomalies, save your employees time, and mitigate the risk of legal troubles for your organization.

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