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What is is an Identity Document AI Service that enables systems to understand identity documents as people do.

This privacy by design service is powered by state art differential privacy, federated machine learning and robotic process automation that enables businesses to seamlessly extract information from identity documents so they can be used in systems, processes and decisions

Once implemented, captured images of identity documents are processed by autonomously to extract relevant spatial structures and text visible on the identity documents.  It’s machine learning models are trained on-the-fly by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enhance identity document classification and data extraction capabilities and adapt to changes over time. 

System Components works best when combined with Ui Path but also works with third-party and custom applications.




ML Models

Machine learning models used for classification of identity document types and detecting identity objects

API Gateway

Web services used for programmatic access for authenticate, train, predict, extract, validate, verify, and consent services

Ui Path Robots

Robots used to streamline ML Training and make use of identity document understanding skills

Federated Learning Service

Service used for aggregating federated ML Models and collection of training data sets at the edge

ID Verification Service

Service layer with partner integrations to verification service providers such as Netverify

ID Validation Service

Service that validates authenticity by comparing OVIs with genuine reference data sets

ID Integration Service

Service use for custom integrations with customer identity registries for verification and entitlement checks